Fiscally Responsible

I will be fiscally responsible as a council member. As a commercial real estate lender I will apply the same lending principals to every dollar spent by the city.

Low taxes

I will review every option to invest in the city while keeping taxes as low as possible. We need to invest in more commercial businesses inside the city, to shift the tax burden from residents to commercial and retail businesses.


The city is growing and we need to keep up with that growth. Traffic flow will be a top priority. We still have a few rural areas around the city and we need to invest in those areas before new housing development occurs.


As a planning and zoning committee member I have seen many projects come through the city. We need to make thoughtful and considerate review of all potential projects in and around the city.

Public Safety

The number one reason we have a city is to ensure we have a safe place to live, work and play. We need to do everything to maintain our life style and support public safety.

Economic Development

Promoting more jobs inside the city will shift the tax burden from homeowners to sales tax. We need to attract more primary jobs to the city and continue to grow our home town businesses.

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